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Are we failing the true business needs? PART3

 The Storage Pillar The datacenter operating system discussed last week ( is da strong pillar of business requirements and now more than ever as datacenters are almost entirely virtualized from the servers to the end points, and while at it, … Continue reading

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Are we failing the true business needs? PART1

Holistically the datacenter has never so healthy; there’s a myriad of technology providers training their teams to deliver the best of the best Value Added Services around the datacenter acquisitions to meet today’s most demanding requirements. Great! While the datacenter … Continue reading

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vSAN and vmKernel

Everyone blogged about! I figured I should too… if you know what I mean LOL. This is not intended to be technical. Think about this blog as thoughts sharing. I will give myself some time to evaluate vSAN in my … Continue reading

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EMC, SDS and more…

Yes friends, it was been some times now since EMC released their revolutionary VNX family, classified as unified storage. Unified in the way that EMC was treating data, aggregating block and files together, under the same roof, same management, offering … Continue reading

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