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Dangerous life in Eastern Canada

Dangerous life in Eastern Canada. Advertisements

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Dangerous life in Eastern Canada

Folks let me put this simply: this post is NOT at all about virtualization, desktop virtualization, storage, platform.. basically it is not about IT. A friend went through the funniest story i heard in a while and i thought about sharing … Continue reading

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EMC, SDS and more…

Yes friends, it was been some times now since EMC released their revolutionary VNX family, classified as unified storage. Unified in the way that EMC was treating data, aggregating block and files together, under the same roof, same management, offering … Continue reading

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Maybe not the best intro to the subject, but you have to admit that these acronyms that are coming more and more, are, more and more, simplifying our life, while complicating it. i wanted to include many faces to the … Continue reading

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