Vmware View 5.2 : better, faster, meaner?

Were you at PEX this year? http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/partner-exchange

Well if you are not in the partner community of vmware you may want to check out for your plane ticket and get down to the Vmword2013, trust me you won’t regret it.

 For the ones that were at PEX, you must of enjoyed the EUC session and more specifically the alignment Vmware is taking in the mobile workforce while enhancing the virtual desktop and application virtualization message and product offered to their customers and partners.

 First the name has changed: vmware Horizon View 5.2. Note the “Horizon” part of the name now. You may want to take a peak at http://www.vmware.com/products/view/features.html and of course the HCL part of it http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=vdm

 So why is it good?

 For some time, Vmware View and Horizon were “independently” running. One precisely addressing a public facing aspect of application and the other, View, addressing the virtual desktop. On complex architectures you may of needed both but in the end they were two distinct solutions working together. We all know can’t be in the 21st century. We can’t have two distinct solutions to address a consumer’s space. It needs to be unified, simple and effective.

 I believe that the acquisition of Mirage (company Wanova https://www.vmware.com/products/desktop_virtualization/mirage/overview.html ) initiated that shift and unified the enduser computing. Vmware had announced it in May 2012; it is today a reality. In a nutshell, it simplifies the enduser virtual desktop experience through a robust architecture and offers to the market space a reliable, complete solution to address the mobile, or non mobile, workforces,while helping simplify the overall management of the virtual desktop.

 So who is this good to?

 I believe this addresses an entire market space from SMB to Enterprise. It addresses not only enduser experience but saves the pain of endpoint operating management and personalization, allowing endusers to remain happy with their own “stuff” while working on business “stuff” and not blowing neither the network or the back-end storage. Clean isn’t it??

 One of the challenges in every VDI design, is the enduser virtual desktop personalization. While business application and data along with operating system remain the sole property of an organization, the personalization aspect of the virtual desktop been consumed remains the sole property of the enduser, uniquely identifying the user and personalizing their experience on the desktop operating system and we know how much we don’t want to have our endusers unhappy. That’s the name of the game! Happy users = Healthy business.

 So the combination of View, Horizon, Mirage (and ThinApp of course) allows a gain in network performance, relieves the network from unnecessary traffic, addresses application streaming quickly, and does not explode the expensive backend storage by backing up “stuff” that already exist in the datacenter. Yes, a form of dedup… in the virtual desktop. Are you interested now?? I am !

An easy upgrade path?

 I will be preaching for my own church at this point, and I would suggest you take the time to look at your preferred reseller if Softchoice is not the one (I don’t understand why, but hey! C’est la vie! LOL ). You need to precisely understand HOW to upgrade to Vmware Horizon View and HOW to integrate it in your datacenter. On paper it looks like a bunch of product aligned together, but the reality is not the same.

 We’re not talking about redesigning the entire solution you’ve put a lot of sweat in implementing, but adding the flexibility to it. That’s where it hurts…

 Softchoice has been supporting the initiative and continously trained its top guns into the latest and greatest to ensure customer satisfaction and project success, along with maximizing the investments done but its customers in their datacenter. What’s the result? A “T.N.T” (Team Nationally Trained) S.W.A.T.S (Soft-hardware Warriors Addicted to Technical Success) – I just made these ones up – talking with Softchoice’s customers every day to ensure their success in the datacenter and making the right decisions with the right people for the right objective

Don’t be shy! Call up! Ask questions! We are proudly “Softchoiciers”…

Thank you


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As an IT professional and leader, my objective is to help an organization grow its IT department with new and innovative technologies in order to have production at the most efficient level ensuring the right alignment in the deployment of such technologies through a precise Professional Services results in a extraordinary experience for the customer. Team member of multiple projects, I have developed a strict work ethic allowing development of superior communication skills, as well as the ability to multi-task and meet precise deadlines. As an IT veteran with a broad background in consulting, management, strategy, sales and business development, I have developed an deep expertise in virtulization using VMware and Citrix products with a strong skillset on Storage Arrays (HP, EMC, Netapp, Nimble & IBM). I have also developed a Security practice through CheckPoints NGX R65-R66 (CCSA obtained) and Cisco PIX-ASA product line. Specialties: Microsoft infrastructure products; Monitoring HPOV, SCOM, CiscoWorks, Firewalls: checkpoint, PIX and ASA. Virtualization with VMware (ESX through vSphere & View/Horizon), Microsoft (Hyper-V server, VDI and App-V), Citrix (Xenserver, XenDesktop, Xenapp), Storage (EMC, HP, Netapp, Nimble & IBM), Reference Architectures and Converged Datacenters (vSPEX, Flexpod, vBlock, PureFlex & HP Matrix)
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